Xteq Systems X-Setup Additional Plug-ins by CptSiskoX

Click the links below to download new plug-ins for Xteq Systems' X-Setup.

Read the description associated with the file name to determine if you wish to install the plug-in. New items are located at the bottom of the page.

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Detects if you have installed the AMD Athlon/Duron registry patch. For Windows 2000.
xqbiosverdisp.zip Displays information about your BIOS/machine type/video BIOS.  For Windows 2000.
xqmsaoeaok2.zip Two plug-ins which add tweaks for Microsoft Age of Empires - Age of Kings: The Conquerors Expansion game.
xqcpuverdisp.zip [Updated Jan 21, 2001] Four plug-ins for Windows NT and 2000 which show some details about your CPU(s).  Support for as many as four CPUs included.
xqverdisp3.zip Plug-in detects if you have Plus! 95, Plus! 98, Plus! 2000, or Plus! for Kids installed or not.
xqverdisp8.zip Shows the type of Windows NT/2000 you are using.  Examples: Server, Workstation/Professional, Advanced Server.
xqverdisp9.zip Shows the OS [example: "Windows 2000" or "Windows NT"], Current Type [example: "Uniprocessor Free"], System Root folder path, Current Build number, and displays the amount of seconds that have passed as of boot time, since you installed Windows NT or Windows 2000.
xqwinnt-2kspfix.zip If your WinNT or Win2000 system reports the wrong Service Pack number, or you have removed the service pack and it still reports it being installed, you can use this plug-in to fix it. Marked 'System Critical.'
xqpamru.zip For PowerArchiver users.  This plug-in will let you clear your MRU (most recently used) lists.
xqcpuinfo.zip Displays information for up to four CPUs and allows modification of this information in the Windows registry.