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nano-red.gif (829 bytes)Xteq X-Setup (Freeware)

Here you will find several versions of Xteq X-Setup, including previous and current versions.  You are free to download and use these per the license agreements included in each.  Xteq X-Setup is the world's most widely used system tweaking, configuration, security and administration tool.  It has over half a million users around the globe and is updated regularly to stay current, useful and to be the best of the best.  Xteq Systems would like to thank all our users for their support, feedback and ideas which have helped shape Xteq X-Setup into what it is.  We appreciate it!

Important Notice: Xteq Systems only offers support for the latest release version of Xteq X-Setup. While you are free to download and use previous versions, they are no longer supported.  Them items below that say "Down" are not available due to the server erasing them mysteriously.  If you have a copy, please e-mail me ( - remove "nospam.")

Click the links below to download Xteq X-Setup:

Xteq X-Setup 6.0 (3.73 MB)     Xteq X-Setup 5.7 (2.75 MB)

Xteq X-Setup 5.6 [Down] (2.7 MB)       Xteq X-Setup 5.5 [Down] (3 MB)          Xteq X-Setup 5.0 [Down] (2.5 MB)

Xteq X-Setup 5.5.1 Upgrade (257 KB, requires X-Setup 5.5 to already be installed)

Xteq X-Setup 4.01 [Down] (2.47 MB)  Xteq X-Setup 3.0 [Down] (1.5 MB)       Xteq X-Setup 2.0 (178 KB)

Xteq X-Setup 1.0 (173 KB) German Language Version - click here for Source Code (593 KB)

Of course, the latest X-Setup is always at


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