Xteq Systems develops easy-to-use and powerful software, found nowhere else than here. Xteq System's flagship product, Xteq X-Setup, is constantly updated and delivers unreachable system tuning power to hundreds of thousands of computer systems worldwide - at an also unreachable price: it's free.

nano-red.gif (829 bytes)Xteq Systems' X-Setup in Alternative Archive Formats

Welcome - Xteq Systems is very happy to announce the availability of X-Setup in alternative archive file formats.  In the past, X-Setup was only provided in .ZIP format.  Now, users may download it in multiple archive formats, listed below.  These files may all be opened using Power Archiver (freeware), except for the StuffIt Format [.SIT], which should be used with Aladdin Explorer (shareware, free trial).

The current version provided here is X-Setup 6.0 unless otherwise noted.

Click the links below to download Xteq Systems' X-Setup.

X-Setup in TAR Format [.TAR]

X-Setup in LHA Format [.LHZ]

X-Setup in ARJ Format [.ARJ] (Still at version 5.7)

X-Setup in Blakhole Format [.BH]

X-Setup in GZip Format [.GZ]

X-Setup in Cabinet Format [.CAB]

X-Setup in RAR Format [.RAR] (Still at version 5.7)

X-Setup in self-extracting ZIP-style executable Format [.EXE] (Still at version 5.7)

X-Setup in StuffIt Format [.SIT] (Still at version 5.7)

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